Really helpful Christian websites

If you are a Christian looking for help and support, it can be very helpful to get advice from another believer. It is important that our friend or pastor recognises that mental health challenges require a thoughtful approach based on evidence rather than intuition. It is also important that Christians recognise the contribution medical science can make; be suspicious of anyone who tells you not to listen to your doctor. 

Here are some good websites:

The Christian Medical Fellowship – a professional organisation for medical practitioners – has a website called The Human Journey which covers all aspects of health from a Christian perspective. There are some outstanding articles on this site – as well as links to other useful material on the net.

Mind and Soul – is a group of medical professionals and Christian workers in partnership with Premier Radio. A major contributor is Will van der Heart, who is the pastoral chaplain of Holy Trinity Brompton. An excellent resource.

Biblical Counselling – is the UK site of an organisation that started under Jay Adams in the USA. If Mind and Soul has a slightly ‘charismatic’ flavour, Biblical Counselling has a more ‘reformed evangelical’ flavour.

Mental Health and the Church –In April 2013 Rick Warren’s son took his own life and this site is part of his church’s response to that tragedy. It is a YouTube channel featuring talks and sermons, most of which originate from Saddleback Church in the USA.